Do Blind Dates Work?

The rise of internet dating has caused blind dates to fall out of favor somewhat. However, there are still plenty of people heading out on blind dates, many of them as a result of set-up between friends. Do these blind dates work? That is what we are going to take a look at here!

It is dependent on how the date is set-up

We are going to assume that most blind dates are the result of a friend setting two of their friends up with one another. If this is the case, then one would hope that your friend has a solid idea about what you are looking for in another person. This means that they will set you up with somebody they believe you are compatible with. This means that the blind date has a chance of, at the very least, being fun.

Remember; the age of social media means that it is ridiculously easy to have a look at a profile of a person before you head out on a date with them. This means that you will be able to get an idea about whether they are the right ‘look’ or personality for you without actually meeting them. This means that the chances of the date working may actually rise a little.

If you go on blind dates through other methods (e.g. a co-worker set you up, or maybe you are on a specific dating site), then there is a bigger chance it may not be successful. After all, we doubt that your co-worker will know you as well as a friend. On dating sites, people are far more inclined to lie about themselves too.

Can blind dates work?


Most dates you, effectively, going in blind anyway. You know nothing more than what the person looks like. You may know aspects of their personality, but it is unlikely that you have delved too far into that anyway. In my opinion, a blind date that has been set-up by a friend is a whole lot more likely to work than a date that you have set-up with somebody that you have randomly met in a bar or something.

Although, do bear in mind that like most dates, there is also a chance things could go a little bit wrong. You should also remember that on blind dates, people are always trying to put their best foot forward. This is (most often) because it was a friend that set the two of you up. This means everybody is going to be nice to one another. Don’t expect to really be diving into the intricacies of somebody’s personality on the first date, basically.